B&D Attends the ACI Conference & CIIF 2020 Shanghai

On September 15, 2020, as a famous screw air compressor manufacturer in China, B&D attended the five-day ACI Conference & CIIF 2020 Shanghai held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). B&D’s advanced screw air compressors were displayed at booth NO.2.1H-B238 and won the affirmation and enthusiasm of the participants.

As a matter of fact, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has seriously affected the steady development of international trade and imposed a heavy financial burden on many enterprises. As the negative impacts of the epidemic subsided and to better help manufacturers at home and abroad explore the overseas market, the 22nd China International Industrial Fair continued to be held at a super large scale (with 9 professional exhibitions). ACI Conference & CIIF 2020 Shanghai is the most influential international industry brand exhibition in China.

Being an important window and economic and trade exchange and cooperation platform, ACI Conference & CIIF 2020 Shanghai has attracted 2238 exhibitors from 22 countries to develop their business and explore the international market.

One of the purposes of B&D’s participation in the ACI Conference & CIIF 2020 Shanghai is to show the air compressor and popularize the knowledge of the air compressor to the participants, so as to enhance the popularity of the air compressor in the industry and bring potential partners. At the event, three types of air compressors (screw air compressors, scroll air compressors, centrifugal air compressors) attracted a large number of participants to consult and watch, giving B&D more confidence to develop and upgrade higher quality air compressors and bring more intelligent air compressor solutions for target customers.

At ACI Conference & CIIF 2020 Shanghai, the intelligent characteristics of the B&D (Baldor) screw air compressor once became the focus of attention. This time brought new products to demonstrated domestic and abroad clients, which include LS Series(Ultra-quiet fully enclose canopy vertical configuration screw air compressor), TK Series(All-in-one high-pressure screw air compressor special for laser cutting use), BL Series Blower, GS Series Water lubricated double rotary screw air compressor(unique in the industry, DM Series Oil-free Screw air compressor (without lubricant). All of them will firstly into the domestic market, and into the overseas market in the coming future. As for the domination of each series, TK Series is special for it let B&D (Baldor) air compressor become the first and only one who make the single-stage screw air compressor to 25 bar and for the laser cutting industry. GS Series into the market since September and clients’ reactions already exceed our expectations, orders overwhelming this year’s production capacity. Then we stopped accepting overseas orders for these models to move to the new factory site next year. LS, DM, BL Series have more stories to share, what is yours with ours?

Soft-start with the frequency converter, the energy-saving, and power network performance of the New B&D Air Compressor is better than that of an ordinary air compressor. Because of the soft-start function of the frequency converter, the starting impact force is reduced by more than 6 times that of the power frequency machine, and the operation stability is doubled. These make B&D (Baldor) air compressors in a longer lifespan.

The safe operating condition is the second focus of the attendants at ACI Conference & CIIF 2020 Shanghai. As the frequency converter assists the screw air compressor in adapting to voltage changes, the safe operation of the B&D (Baldor) air compressor can be ensured to the greatest extent.

Furthermore, the vibration during the operation of the air compressor will inevitably produce noise, and the wonder of B&D (Baldor) air compressor lies in the noise reduction design from the motor, air filter, fan, fully sealing the box, shock absorption, and other aspects to minimize the noise interference. Here is a video showing the BD-22LS operation on site. Without ribbon flow, barely anyone know it is running. You may also notice 2 coins standing there so stable, no waving or moving.

Air compressors are widely used in ceramic, textile, electronics and semiconductor, chemical and fossil, renewable energy, construction, and mining industries. However, with the rapid development of Internet technology and the arrival of the 5G era, the industrial Internet-enabled manufacturing industry has become a just need for development. With the theme of “intelligence, interconnection – a new development of enabling industries”, China International Industrial Fair gathered new forces to continuously empower industrial development with digitization and intelligence which is what B&D pursues.

Through participating in the ACI Conference & CIIF 2020 Shanghai, B&D has gained great attention. At the same time, B&D also hopes to establish long-term cooperative relations with more domestic and foreign customers. With a professional R&D team, B&D will spare no effort to provide more intelligent air compressor solutions by taking advantage of the Internet.