The “model worker” of the year, Baldor oil-free series realizes excellent productivity!

Oil-free scroll compressor (3.7-7.5kW)

Baldor oil-free scroll compressor, the “labor model” love and dedication, striving for the first-class, with the heart of dedication to the work of dedication and responsibility. Widely used in the laboratory, medical, dental, precision electronics and other industries.

Oil-free water lubrication air compressor (7.5-55kW)

The “labor model” is innovative and enterprising. With a pioneering spirit, he has overcome the technical problems of twin-screw water lubrication, which has been very useful in the medical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries.

Oil-free screw blower (37-75kW)

This “model worker” is dedicated and willing to serve. In the water treatment, electronics and bio-fermentation industries, Baldor’s oil-free screw blowers deliver oil-free air to the production site on time.

Dry type oil-free air compressor (55-315kW)

The “model worker” has practiced the excellent skills of “silent” and “100% oil-free”, and has become the standard-bearer of the industry. He interprets the spirit of dedication with his own practical actions and vividly demonstrates his love for the cause.

Magnetic Levitation Centrifugal Air Compressor (110-350kW)

The “model worker” provides customers with energy-saving services with low specific power, large exhaust volume, silent and maintenance-free, and provides reliable gas service for customers’ production, and is recognized by customers for his professional quality and excellent communication skills.

The manufacturing industry is paying more and more attention to energy and the environment, so energy-saving, environmentally friendly and highly reliable compressors have become an inevitable trend.

Whether you are adding a new air compressor room or replacing an old one for renovation, Program’s oil-free team can help you customize oil-free solutions from oil-free room site selection, piping arrangement, model configuration, and post-processing equipment combinations, etc., and install them by professional installation and after-sales teams.

Up to now, Program’s oil-free products have provided high-quality products and services for many users in the semiconductor, new energy, bio-fermentation, water treatment, glass, medical and other industries, all of which have achieved energy-saving, reliable, stable, pure and oil-free gas consumption.

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