Longer Lifespan

We focus on every detail design inside the compressor, in order to provide customers with a long-life and stable compressed air solution.

Meet Your Needs

We can meet the different needs of customers for air compressors in terms of flow, pressure, power, noise, and air quality.

Global Sales Network

As more and more B&D overseas distributors are established, we can provide local customers with better and faster local services.

About Baldor-Tech(B&D)Co., Ltd

Baldor-Tech Co., Ltd(B&D Compressor) focuses on screw air compressorR&D and manufacturing. The perfect combination of advanced energy-saving technology and modern production makes high-quality productswhich are widely applied in various industries. The latest Oil-Free ScrewAir Compressor is making a good contribution to industrial energyconservation. Our main products include air compressor, air dryer, tankfilter, and after-sale service.

B&D Company

Learn More About Screw Air Compressor. Get Price. Get Support.

We’re always looking for reseller agent in different countries, let us know if you want to become our partner.

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