The Air Compressor for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

PMTK Series

Integrated compressed air system includes screw compressor, refrigerated air dryer, tank specialized for fiber laser cutting machine.
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Compressed Air for Laser Cutting

Compressed air with stable pressure helps laser cutting without burrs.
Energy Saving
Pure Air
Stable Pressure

More Convenient

Integration of air compressor, air tank, and air dryer. It avoids the trouble of customers purchasing additional pipes and fittings. Use directly after installation, saving space.

More Reliable

Modular design, durable components, low noise and vibration, and easy maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Using permanent magnet variable speed motor, specialized for laser cutting machine, reducing pressure leakage and more energy-saving.

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Digital Operating System

Comes with B&D cloud system, monitoring compressor in your phone, intelligent management.

PM VSD Motor

Using permanent magnet VSD motor, longer lifespan. Low noise, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs.

Oil/Gas Separator

Specialized separator for laser cutting machine has high efficiency reduces the oil content of the compressed air

Efficient Cooling System

It adopts high-efficiency refrigeration dryer, convenient electronic valve drainage design, and the pressure dew point is as low as 2~8℃

Air Tank

Thickened air tank customized for the laser cutting machine to ensure stable compressed air pressure, and the bottom is equipped with a drain.

Precision Air Filter

High-precision filtration, the oil content of the air is as low as 0.001ppm, and the particle filtration accuracy is up to 0.01um.

PMTK Series

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How does compressed air quality affect laser cutting production

The compressed air contains water and oil. If it is not cleaned, high-pressure air jetting on the len surface of the laser cutting head will seriously affect the transmission of the laser beam and easily produce waste products.

B&D Cloud App for Laser Cutting Machine Air Compressor Series

24-hour online monitoring of air compressor operating data. The phone will receive notifications when the device fails or needs maintenance. After-sales monitoring function for dealers.

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