B&DTechnologyDigital Intelligent Demonstration Factory

Cloud data

B&D cloud collects the operation date of the air compressor on-site in real time, and transfers data to thecloud server to provide users with various cloud data services.

  1. Real time monitoring
  2. Historical data curve
  3. Report statistics
  4. Event information notification
  5. Remote modification of parameters

Service on the Cloud

visual maintenance services
in order to make the maintenance process of the air compressor more transparent and efficient. B8D cloud provides fully

  1. One-click order for after-sale service
  2. Order status view
  3. Comments for after-sale service and maintenance
  4. File queries for service and maintenance

Knowledge on the cloud

Knowledge library system of B8D Cloud provides information about the maintenance video course of air compressorthe introduction of air compressor principle,and the summary of the use of air compressor, so as to make users moreprofessional and more comfortable when using air compressor.

  1. Installation video.
  2. Maintenance video.
  3. Principle introduction,
  4. Problems summary

Smart Energy VisualizationEnergy Saving Management

Realize interconnection and interoperability of multiple energy scenarios, covering multiple fields such as water, electricity, gas, refrigeration,heating, environment, photovoltaic, energy storage, etc. By visualizing energy consumption measurement, energy balance, and key energyindicators, we can gain a more intuitive and clear understanding of energy usage, ensure maximum efficiency of energy utilization, andsupport energy-saving control and optimization decision-making.

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