How to Get Payback withVSD Compressor in 1Year

The variable speed air compressor can automatically adjust the motorspeed to adapt to working conditions, thereby saving energy up to 35%.


Compared with fixed-speed air compressors, under the same air demand, the cost of VSD is lower. Therefore, compared with fixed speed type, VSD air compressor can save a lot of cost and electricity.

Why Choose VSD

Variable speed drive allows the air compressor to automatically adjust the motor speed to adapt to different working conditions. Since energy costs account for more than 75% of the total cost, using VSD air compressors can not only save a lot of money, but also save more energy for the environment

Compressor TypeFixed SpeedVSD
Power Consumption12,086,400 kWh8,160,000 kWh
Power Annual Cost$1,230,274$830,606
Saving Cost (1Year)$399,668

INVT Variable Frequency Drive

B&D compressors are equipped with INVT inverter drives, which are suitable for various industries. Provide more flexible and stable compressed air.

Direct Drive Motor

The SAV motor directly drives the air end and transfers the torque from the motor to the output device without any reducer or belt. With fewer wearing parts, the compressor runs more stable.

Main Products

All-In-One Air Compressor for LaserCutting Machine – PMTK Series

VSD Screw Air Compressor(Permanent Magnet) – EPM Series

TwoStage Rotary Screw AirCompressor – PM-II Series

VSD Screw Compressor Troubleshooting

Unstable voltage may cause inverter failure. It can besolved by adjusting the voltage regulator.

Clean the air intake filter, Replace the too-long air inletpipe.

Check whether the voltage value of the port is normal.
Check whether the emergency stop switch is damaged.

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