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Professional R&D for the Needs of Industrial Compressed Air

Provide specialized compressed air solutions for different industries such as cement plants, glass plants, textile plants, cnc machine shop, etc.

Our R&D team provides true professional gas solutions by developing our products to meet various industrial characteristics and working conditions

Ceramic Industy

For applications which need big air capacity, but with dusty and bad working conditions

Textile Factory

Big air consumption, low-pressure 2~5bar.60% energy consumption of air compressors for of whole factory. High-quality compressed air is needed.Nearly 24h working of compressors.

Cement Plant

Big air consumption, air pressure 3~6 bar.The working environment of the compressor is dusty.

Glass Factory

Big air consumption, low pressure 2~4bar.The air compressor is the main power-consuming equipment in the factory. Highly reliable performance of compressor is needed as all compressors would work 24h a day and 7days a week.

Innovative B&D,Intelligent Manufacturing

B&D cloud collects the operation date of the air compressor on-site in real time, and transfers data to thecloud server to provide users with various cloud data services.

1.Real time 2.monitoringHistorical data curve
3.Report statistics
4.Event information notification 5.Remote modification of parameters

visual maintenance services
In order to make the maintenance process of the air compressor more transparent and efficient. B8D cloud provides fully.

  1. One-click order for after-sale service
  2. Order status view
  3. Comments for after-sale service and maintenance
  4. File queries for service and maintenance


Knowledge library system of B8D Cloud provides information about the maintenance video course of air compressorthe introduction of air compressor principle,and the summary of the use of air compressor, so as to make users moreprofessional and more comfortable when using air compressor.

  1. Installation video
  2. Maintenance video.
  3. Principle introduction
  4. Problems summary

Main Products

VSD-Screw-Air-Compressor-Permanent-Magnet-EPM-Series (1)

VSD Screw Air Compressor(Permanent Magnet) - EPM Series

Oil-Free ScrewCompressor(WaterInjected) - GSSeries


All-In-One Air Compressor for Laser Cutting Machine - PMTK Series

Two-Stage RotaryScrew Air Compressor - PM-Il Series

Dry Type Screw Air Compressor (70-400 hp) - DM Series

Oil-Free Scroll Compressor

Industrial Air Compressor Manufacturer

About B&D Group
As a well-known screw air compressor supplier in China, the main
business sector of Guangdong Baldor-tech Co., Ltd. (BD). Our Rotary
Screw Compressors are widely used in manufacturing industries like
textile, glass, cement, electronics (SMT), food process, hardware
fabrication, etc.

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Media Interview | Free replacement for a new phone? The pattern of this energy-saving air compressor “little giant” company in Foshan has opened up!

Entering into the precision machining center technicians of Guangdong B&D Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “B&D”), they are controlling computer programming and debugging accessories parameters. Through 3D modeling precision processing, production is further empowered, cost reduction and efficiency increase. In the precision machining center of Guangdong B&D Technology Co., Ltd., technicians are controlling

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Another oil-free product that users love so much, innovative Baltech plays the “new trump card” of energy saving!

In China, there is no shortage of new products in the air compressor market. What is lacking are truly good products that combine technological breakthroughs and innovation. Especially in the field of oil-free air compressors, the creation of a good product is particularly important for the development of Chinese domestic brands. As a cutting-edge manufacturer

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Program Air Compressor was selected as one of the “Foshan Industrial Quality Products”, as well as the first batch of Foshan Industrial Equipment Renewal Supply and Demand List!

Recently, Guangdong Province, industrial equipment renewal “supply and demand silver” docking activities held in Foshan, Foshan City, Foshan City, Industry and Information Technology Bureau announced the launch of the Foshan industrial quality product collection, encouraging enterprises to new technologies and new processes into advanced standards of high-quality products to drive the quality of industry enterprises

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Out of the New, Out of the Circle, Out of the Sea, B&D Technology Shines at Turkey International Industry Exhibition! @All

Chinese brands deliver new quality productivity Under the background of digital transformation, as one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor technology in China, B&D will bring its new intelligent and energy-saving air compressors and one-stop digital industrial energy-saving solutions to participate in the Turkey International Industry Exhibition, to deliver

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Indonesia, here we come

In 2024, B&D Compressors will participate in an exhibition in Indonesia, aiming to accelerate the overall development of the country’s industrial sector with a focus on real energy savings and emission reductions. By showcasing their latest energy-efficient compressors, B&D intends to demonstrate how their innovative technology can contribute to more sustainable industrial practices. The exhibition

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