Program Air Compressor was selected as one of the “Foshan Industrial Quality Products”, as well as the first batch of Foshan Industrial Equipment Renewal Supply and Demand List!

Recently, Guangdong Province, industrial equipment renewal “supply and demand silver” docking activities held in Foshan, Foshan City, Foshan City, Industry and Information Technology Bureau announced the launch of the Foshan industrial quality product collection, encouraging enterprises to new technologies and new processes into advanced standards of high-quality products to drive the quality of industry enterprises to improve.

After strict screening, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology finalized that a total of 88 products from 51 enterprises were selected for the Foshan Industrial Quality Product Catalog (the first batch), covering industrial robots, ceramic machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, laser equipment, etc. Among them, B&D Energy Saving Air Compressor was selected for the catalog of Foshan Industrial Quality Products by virtue of the quality of its products and the market reputation of B&D Energy Saving Air Compressor and the Digital Intelligent Industrial Energy Saving Solutions.

Importantly, Baldor air compressors were also selected for the first supply and demand list for industrial equipment renewal in Foshan.

Scale equipment renewal, not only purely equipment replacement, is as a catalyst to promote technological innovation of enterprises, but also new technologies and new processes, and effectively enhance the production efficiency is the inevitable greening of the industry intelligent, is to achieve the quality and efficiency of the breakthrough.

What is Foshan Industrial Quality Products?

In order to implement the deployment of work on promoting large-scale equipment renewal and consumer goods trade-in, as well as provincial and municipal efforts to promote the renewal of equipment in the industrial sector, and further promote the spirit of excellence of craftsmen, Foshan will implement the cultivation of high-quality products for industry action to encourage enterprises to new technologies, new processes into advanced standards, quality products, so that the “Made in Foshan “Foshan high-quality brands to sing globally.

It is understood that was included in the “Foshan City advantageous industrial product catalog” products, have won the national and provincial first set of projects, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology single champion, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Energy Efficiency Star, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology green design products, energy-saving technologies and equipment in Guangdong Province (products), Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, advanced and applicable technologies (products), China’s well-known trademarks, Guangdong famous brand and other honors.

Dependable B&D Quality and Service

Since its inception, B&D has been adhering to the development concept of “user-centered”, with innovative R & D design, strong intelligent manufacturing, strict quality management, assured service delivery, long-term unremitting investment in digital intelligence, won a good market reputation, both end-users and distributors and partners, the B&D products of section, reliability, durability, service timeliness, professionalism, meticulousness are highly appreciated. Both end-users and distributor partners highly appreciate B&D’s products in terms of their energy-saving, reliability and durability, as well as its services in terms of timeliness, professionalism and meticulousness.

One-stop B&D System Solutions

B&D provides users with one-stop digital-intelligent industrial energy-saving solutions, and its products include permanent magnet frequency conversion oil-injected screw air compressors, oil-free scroll, oil-free water lubrication, dry oil-free screw air compressors, centrifuges, magnetic levitation, blowers and other product matrices.

All stand-alone air compressors can be digitally managed using the B&D Cloud System, and its industry-innovative “Energy Efficiency Manager and Health Manager” redefines the intelligent energy saving of air compressors, truly realizing the ” Man-machine integration” in the industrial field.

B&D’s industrial digitalization services include: Nebula Energy Digital Energy Management System (Intelligent Air Pressure Station, Water, Electricity, Gas, Photovoltaic, Energy Flow Analysis), Park and Plant Management System.

B&D Energy services include: digital energy planning for parks, energy design (water, electricity, gas, cooling and heating, compressed air, photovoltaic, energy storage), engineering investment and construction, multi-energy operation services (contracted energy management, energy trusteeship, turnkey construction of the entire station), and energy investment and financing services.

In the future, B&D will continue to innovate, do a good job of quality, and provide customers with better products and services for the renewal of equipment in the industrial field.

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