Media Interview | Free replacement for a new phone? The pattern of this energy-saving air compressor “little giant” company in Foshan has opened up!

Entering into the precision machining center technicians of Guangdong B&D Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “B&D”), they are controlling computer programming and debugging accessories parameters. Through 3D modeling precision processing, production is further empowered, cost reduction and efficiency increase.

In the precision machining center of Guangdong B&D Technology Co., Ltd., technicians are controlling the equipment and improving the precision of product parts through 3D modeling.

Currently, Foshan is vigorously promoting large-scale equipment renewal. As one of the first digital and intelligent demonstration factories in Foshan, B&D started a “win-win” “renewal” ten years ago, driven by the continued rise in energy-saving demand. “the road.

Energy saving and consumption reduction are key elements of “renewal”

As a general equipment for industrial production, air compressors (hereinafter referred to as “air compressors”) are found wherever “air” is needed. Just like buying a refrigerator or choosing an air conditioner, for a company, the lower the operating energy efficiency of mechanical equipment such as air compressors, the greater the company’s production costs can be reduced. As a specialized and innovative enterprise in the field of air compressors, B&D knows that only by increasing energy-saving development and launching more energy-saving and consumption-reducing equipment can we truly capture and capture the “hearts” of customers. Therefore, B&D is focusing on producing intelligent energy-saving air compressors with first-class energy efficiency or even superior first-class energy efficiency indicators.

Manufacturing workshop of Guangdong Baode Technology Co., Ltd.

In terms of energy-saving transformation, the demand for enterprise equipment updates continues to expand. Since the beginning of this year, B&D’s order volume in the first quarter has increased by 40% year-on-year. It is worth noting that many of these orders come from the electricity bills saved after the user’s equipment is updated. According to Ye Cailiang, deputy general manager of B&D, in implementing specific actions to update large-scale equipment, B&D has formed a systematic energy-saving replacement plan.

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