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Turkey, a tapestry of vibrant traditions and captivating landscapes, enchants everyone. Istanbul, bridging Asia and Europe, dazzles with its historical mosques and bustling bazaars. Delight in the savory kebabs, rich baklava, and robust Turkish coffee, each a testament to Turkey’s rich culinary heritage. The melodic calls to prayer and the rhythmic dances from folklore festivals resonate deep cultural pride. From the turquoise coasts of Antalya to the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, Turkey offers a journey through ancient cities and stunning scenery. Embrace the warmth of Turkish hospitality that makes every visitor feel at home

In June 2024, B&D Compressors will participate in a major exhibition in Istanbul, spotlighting its innovative solutions for the industrial sector. This event marks a significant stride towards strengthening Turkey’s industrial capabilities. B&D Compressors, renowned for its high-performance air compression systems, aims to demonstrate how its advanced technology can enhance efficiency and sustainability in various industries. The exhibition will provide an ideal platform for B&D to showcase its latest models, tailored specifically to meet the demanding needs of industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare. By introducing these cutting-edge technologies, B&D Compressors is set to empower Turkish industries, contributing significantly to their growth and development in an increasingly competitive global market. This participation not only highlights B&D’s commitment to technological advancement but also its dedication to fostering strong partnerships within the Turkish industrial community.

By then, we will bring our latest products to solve the global air energy compression problem
VSD-Screw-Air-Compressor-Permanent-Magnet-EPM-Series (1)

VSD Screw Air Compressor(Permanent Magnet) - EPM Series

Oil-Free ScrewCompressor(WaterInjected) - GSSeries


All-In-One Air Compressor for Laser Cutting Machine - PMTK Series

Two-Stage RotaryScrew Air Compressor - PM-Il Series

Dry Type Screw Air Compressor (70-400 hp) - DM Series

Oil-Free Scroll Compressor

Dur team will be waiting for you at Boothxxxx, ready to show you our innovative products and discuss how the”an benetit your business, whether it’s aavanced machinery or advanced soiware solutions, we oter orocucts talored to obtmizyour operations and drive business growth.

 please confirm your location at our booth at the earliest possible time. lf you have any questions or require further informationlease feel free to contact us.

If you want to know about our products and market activities in advance, you can contact us
We look forward to meeting you at INTERMACH 2024 and exploring collaboration possibilities.

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