Digital Intelligence Leads Innovation and Win-Win | 2024 Baldor National Distributor Empowerment Conference was successfully held!

On January 13-14, 2024, Program National Distributor Empowerment Conference 2024 was successfully held in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province with the theme of “Digital Intelligence Leads Innovation and Win-Win”.

Mr. Guo Zhenfa, Chairman of Program China, Mr. Guo Zhenqiang, Vice Chairman of Program Holding Group, Mr. Ye Chun, Advisor to Chairman, Mr. Guo Shiping, Vice General Manager of Program Technology, Mr. Ye Cailiang, Vice General Manager of Program Technology, and relevant department heads gathered together to discuss new ideas and start a new journey of Program 2024 together!

Taking stock and looking forward to a promising future

-Hongyi Ma, Marketing Director of Procter & Gamble China
MA Hongyi, Marketing Director of BaldorTechnology China, made an opening welcome speech and reviewed the annual domestic marketing. Mr. Ma interpreted the 2024 New Year’s marketing strategy, channel strategy, product optimization strategy, service empowerment and other aspects of the planning from a new perspective. In the brand new year of 2024, Baldor will continue to focus on the user as the center, focusing on the “data-driven energy saving” market absolute advantage. In the new year 2024, Program will continue to focus on “data-driven energy-saving” with a user-centered approach, focusing on the absolute advantage of the market, and empowering growth and escorting all partners with more leading products and better services. In the user side, Program will comprehensively improve the product and service experience of customers, and create a model of national products with craftsmanship.

Branding to the new and gathering momentum
Data-driven energy saving.
Data-driven energy saving, more understanding of the user’s air compressor. Baldor Group Marketing Department Zeng Xianghuan released the new brand positioning of “truly understand the user’s air compressor”, Mr. Zeng started from the introduction of how to enter the brand and products of Baldor, explaining the quality of Baldor’s brand service culture, and the future strategic development of the brand will be based on the core of the three focuses, focusing on the product, focusing on the channel, focusing on the user, adhering to the long-termism, and adhere to the value of the user energy saving, and do a true understanding of the user’s air compressor. The future strategic development of the brand will be centered on three focuses, focus on products, focus on channels, focus on users, adhere to long-termism, adhere to the deep plowing of the user’s energy-saving value, and do the air compressor that really understands users.

Products to the new, innovative integration. Baldor Group Nebula Energy Division Manager Blue Weijian released a new “energy efficiency housekeeper, health housekeeper” digital products, Baldor heart to understand the core demands of users, combined with the traditional air compressor management of the pain points, innovative research and development of intelligent housekeeper module of the Baldor secondary compression series, the product really subvert the traditional air compressor management mode, the air compressor’s energy consumption, The product truly subverts the traditional air compressor management mode, collects the energy consumption and health data of the air compressor, analyzes them scientifically, and saves energy and reduces consumption through the data, which really makes the intelligent air compressor more understanding of the user. Manager Blue also provides professional training on the upgrade of intelligent housekeeper module from the traditional air compressor version 1.0 to the numerical intelligence first-class energy-efficient air compressor station version 4.0, and provides one-stop numerical intelligence industrial energy-saving solutions for the users.

Baldor’s high quality development cannot be separated from the outstanding performance and contribution of our distributors and partners. In order to pay tribute to the outstanding partners, Baldor held a grand commendation award, respectively awarded the 2023 Program “Outstanding Distributor”, “Best Progress Award”, “Best Newcomer Award” and other important awards. “The awards were presented to applaud the strugglers and learn from the benchmarkers.

Looking back, we will not forget the way we came.
Looking into the future, we will make new leaps together.

In 2024, Baldor will unswervingly join hands with distributors and partners to uphold the original spirit, digital intelligence, innovation and win-win situation!

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