Choose original factory and officially authorized maintenance to reduce risks, save costs, and protect the safety of the station!

The energy system of a manufacturing factory includes water, electricity, gas, cooling, heating, etc. Among them, the compressed air from the air compressor station provides basic power for production equipment. This has extremely strict requirements on energy saving, stability, and reliability of the equipment. If it is shut down unexpectedly, it will bring far more than time loss to the factory. Unplanned maintenance and downtime will increase costs beyond imagination, reduce overall factory productivity, delay production schedules and delay delivery.

Therefore, your factory needs to have more professional maintenance channels and more efficient maintenance methods to control the cost of maintenance as much as possible so that the performance of the air compressor station equipment can be maintained at an excellent level for a long time.

01 Irreplaceable original service

There are many options for maintenance services, including user-built management teams, third-party maintenance and original factory maintenance. But relatively speaking, original factory maintenance services have the most significant quality advantage.

At present, the scale of air compressor station construction is getting larger and larger, and the system architecture is becoming increasingly complex. It includes hardware equipment represented by air compressors, refrigeration dryers, filters, piping systems, etc., and software equipment represented by flow meters, data acquisition boxes, etc. This is a systematic work, including maintenance, troubleshooting, fault diagnosis and processing, as well as coordination and optimization between equipment. To ensure the quality of operations, service providers must have rich technical accumulation, skilled operators and equipped with professional tools and instruments.

02 Professionalization, digitalization, visualization

As one of the earliest manufacturers in my country engaged in the research, production and sales of intelligent permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors, B&D provides customers with one-stop digital and intelligent energy-saving solutions. In the after-sales service, B&D puts forward the concept of “customer-oriented & customer-centered” and provides users with full life cycle after-sales service.

B&D’s sales and service network spreads across the country, with strong coverage, and its radiation capabilities highlight B&D’s strength and advantages.

B&D’s after-sales service team, after receiving systematic and strict professional training from the headquarters, has a deep understanding of the internal structure of the product and has skilled professional skills. Together with strong technical support and genuine consumables, it ensures the technical quality of the service.

Meanwhile, relying on the B&D digital management system, we can quickly respond to user work orders, so that services can be digitized, operations can be visualized, and results can be evaluated, so that the service process is recorded and the service quality speaks for itself with data.

03 B&D after-sales service content

B&D after-sales service covers five major sections: spare parts guarantee, maintenance, technical support, emergency support and training, and airend overhaul. At the same time, an annual service plan has been launched to provide customized maintenance solutions for customers in different industry.

Through B&D’s original maintenance services, customers can enjoy timely and fast technical support and services in all aspects, which minimizes the equipment failure rate and extends the service life of the equipment. Through the B&D digital management system, effective prevention and early warning can detect and eliminate hidden faults in advance to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

Guangdong Baldor-tech Co.,Ltd solemnly promises: we always adheres to the service concept of “customer-oriented, customer-centered” and provides high-quality products and services to our users.

Our company does not sell B&D accessories and consumables through any online channels. To protect your rights and interests, it is recommended that you choose B&D original service or officially authorized sales and service providers for maintenance. We welcome users to join us in combating counterfeiting. Thank you again for your trust and support.


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